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Alpine Sober Cab Reservations and Form

Reservation Policy - Reservations are for a specific time, date, and place. The exact address for the both the pick-up location and drop-off locations. We use Google Maps to estimate mileage for fares. Actual mileage may vary depending on the alternate route customer may take home. Additional fees may apply such as wait fees, additional stops fees or out of service area fees.
A credit/debit card or paypal deposit is required to hold all reservations.
Any Reservation Deposits from Credit Card or PayPal to Hold Reservation Time are Non-Refundable unless the customer contacts Alpine Sober Cab more than 1-HOUR prior to the Rereserved Time Slot.
Once a drive team is dispursed to the reservation, the drive team will attempt to contact the customer. If the customer is not answering the calls, text messages or voicemail attempts the drive team will not go to the reservation until the client calls the drive team back.
Cancellation Fee/NoShow Fee - There is a $20.00 charge if there is a NO SHOW when our team arrives for the reservation time and customer is not there. There is a $20.00 charge if the customer does not call to reschedule, or cancel 30 min prior to the scheduled pick up time.
Regular Rates are:
0-8 miles = $45.00
Add’l Mileage is $2.50 per mile
Recommend a 20% gratuity for Our Drivers.
Large Venues Rates are:
0-8 miles $30 + $75 pick-up fee
Add’l Mileage is $2.50 per mile
Recommend a 20% gratuity for Our Drivers.
Examples of Large Venues: Metro Dome; Arenas; MLB Baseball; NFL Football; Theaters; Concert; Civic Centers; Large Parks, Stadiums, Casinos.
Large Venues: If you prefer to not make a reservation for a Large Venue, Alpine Sober Cab may still be available. However our drivers will need to wait until the venue has cleared and our teams are able to get into the area without delays.
**Please call 2 or more hours prior to pick-up from Large Venues without a reservation.
**By completing a reservation from a Large Venue ensures Alpine Sober Cab will have a driver team available and in your area when needed.
All Reservations: Alpine Sober Cab reserves the right to pre-authorize your credit card for $20.00 via PayPal (non-refundable). You MUST contact us to cancel or change your reservation with more than 60 Minutes of the pickup time. If you DO NOT cancel, or you call with less than 60 Minutes of the pickup time you will be charged the $20 Cancellation Fee.
If you do not cancel your reservation and/or you are not present at the specified time and location of the reservation for the drive team, this is considered a "NO SHOW" and you will be charged the $20 NO SHOW Fee.
Alpine Sober Cab reserves the right to accept or decline reservations for any reason.


Alpine Sober Cab Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement

(1)   The undersigned customer gives permission to Alpine Sober Cab staff/contractors/volunteers to drive and operate his/her vehicle.
(2)   The undersigned customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that Alpine Sober Cab staff/contractors/volunteers do not allow any contraband, weapons, illegals drugs or alcohol in any vehicle or on my person(s) while operating the vehicle.
(3)   The undersigned customer agrees to be fully and solely responsible for securing his/her vehicle upon delivery of vehicle to his/her residence, including securing the contents of said vehicle.
(4)   The undersigned customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that Alpine Sober Cab and its staff/contractors/volunteers are not responsible for any damage to his/her vehicle or for any lost or missing items from his/her vehicle before, during or after transportation.
(5)   The undersigned customer confirms that he/she has insurance coverage compliant with Minnesota State Laws on his/her vehicle and agrees to hold Alpine Sober Cab and its staff/contractors/volunteers harmless for any damage that may be caused to said vehicle before, during or after transportation. 
Note : Alpine Sober Cab requests that you make a confirmation call ONE HOUR before the reserved scheduled ride time to confirm that your plans have not changed to our Dispatch Line at 763-432-7536.
Please call Alpine Sober Cab for a safe ride home at 763-432-7536.