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APLINE SOBER CAB announces acquisition of DUI-Ride Home of Fridley, MN, on June 15, 2012: 

Alpine Sober Cab (a Non-Profit Organization) today announced the completion of the acquisition of DUI-Ride Home and all remaining assets.

DUI-Ride Home was a local competitor in the Designated Driver Service Industry as a privately held company. DUI-Ride Home was established for over 5 Years and successfully serviced over 80,000 customers. We look forward to continued growth with our new customer base and continuing our high company standards throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Alpine Sober Cab can now be contacted at our Toll-Free Number (877) 394-4567 or Local Number (763) 432-7536

About Alpine Sober Cab: Alpine Sober Cab is a fast growing Non-Profit Designated Drivers Service in the Twin Cities Metro area that drives impaired drivers and their cars home. We are open 24 hours / 7 days a week. We service the entire Twin Cities Metro Area. With countless lives saved, we pride ourselves on offering a safe transportation alternative. Our services are competitively priced and our business is run to insure that our customers come first.

Alpine Sober Cab’s Mission as a Non-Profit Organization is to promote the prevention of DWI/DUI for individuals, companies, licensed premises and event organizers selling or serving alcohol. By providing a consistent reliable service, we hope to make a positive impact in our surrounding communities and strive to save lives with every person we drive home safe.

More information about Alpine Sober Cab can be found at: or

Alpine Sober Cab is a subsidiary of Alpine Service of Minnesota, LLC, which provides a complete range of business solutions.



Please call Alpine Sober Cab for a safe ride home at 763-432-7536 or 877-394-4567