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Alpine Sober Cab - A Smart Driving Alternative

Alpine Sober Cab has been a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization since May 2012.

With countless lives saved every year, we pride ourselves in offering a safe transportation alternative. To service our clients, we take the worry out of their night out by sending one of our experienced Drive Teams to drive our clients home in the comfort and of thier own vehicle. Our business and service is competitively priced and run to ensure that our clients safety come first.

Our drivers are uniformed professionals who pride themselves on representing the company and the standard that we embody. 

If you plan to drink, drink responsibly …

DUI Facts

-411 people died in traffic crashes in Minnesota and 131 (32 percent) were alcohol-related.

-2,485 people suffered injuries in alcohol-related crashes.

-29,918 DWIs were issued to drivers on Minnesota roads (82 per day on average).

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Making This Possible

A partnership with Alpine Sober Cab as a "Designated Driver Service" is to readily provide an available service to anyone for approximately the same cost as a taxi ...and still get their car home.

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We work in teams for your safety and our clients.

PERFECT Job for college students, roommates, couples or workers that had their full-time job turned into part-time looking to make some extra cash.