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DUI 101
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DUI FACTS and 101

If you are convicted of drinking and driving, you could be facing jail time, heavy fines, a suspended license and even a felony DUI or more serious penalties.

A DUI conviction might cripple your life by limiting your job opportunities, restricting your ability to drive and causing your insurance to skyrocket.

The potential penalties you may face will depend on the nature of the DUI offense and the DUI law in your state. Some states enforce strict penalties for even your first DUI. Speak to a DUI attorney in your state to learn about the difference between a Felony DUI and a misdemeanor charge.

Considering all the potential DUI penalties, drunk driving is a very costly offense that can also be traumatic for the person charged.





411 people died in traffic crashes in Minnesota and 131 (32 percent) were alcohol-related.

2,485 people suffered injuries in alcohol-related crashes.

29,918 DWIs were issued to drivers on Minnesota roads (82 per day on average).

12,436 (42 percent) of these violators had at least one prior DWI.

2,102 (7 percent) of DWIs were issued to drivers less than 21 years of age.

and..... One of every Seven current Minnesota drivers has at least One DWI.

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